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4th Century Roman helmet crest






Material  Bronze/copper with silver
Dimensions Rivet:

16mm long x 8.26mm wide (head)

8.64mm between head and washer

3.39mm thick

Silver Helmet buckle:

13mm long


Roman Empire Late 4th, early 5th Century AD

Two peices of what are believed to be from a late Roman ridge helmet. One is a bronze rivet which has a silver sheathing wrapped around the head.  The other item is the body section of a small silver buckle.

The rivet has the following interesting features:

- Silver covered head which matches the shape and size of ridge helmets. 

- The washer provides a possible thickness for the item it once held at 8.5mm.  This thickness is within the range for a Later Roman Ridge helmet when taking into account two Iron pieces (Ridge and bowl) and two sheathing sections (Ridge and bowl).  It is obviously not clear if this is where this rivet came from however it is an interesting find.  It is unknown as of writing if other examples of these rivets exist for later Roman helmets that show silver being folded around the head. There is however a Ridge helmet from Brugh Castle which had bronze rivets, however not silver covered (6).


The buckle has the following interesting features:

- It is the made from solid silver and has a large flattend rivet on the it which is consistent with attaching to a more organic material like leather.

- The shape and size are nearly identical to a buckle from another late Roman from Jarak (5)

These silver buckles were used to attach the neck guard as well as cheek pieces as discovered i the Koblenx hord (4).

Complete buckle from Jarak (5)


Similar helmet examples showing the Ridge area and rivets, from Koblenz & Augsburg (1,2,3)

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Profile view


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**Note on background. Close up view of the wall of the Colosseum of Pula, Croatia. Picture taken 2014