Roman and Greek Coins

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The Following coins range from 393B.C to 425AD, spanning Greek and Roman Civilizations.  Coins or money radically changed how Ancient Economies ran and provided prosperity and advancements such as the world had not yet seen. Each of these coins has a unique history and played its own roll in these great civilization's rein.

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Roman and Greek Coins Atica Athen tetradrachm, phillip II, corinthia corinth thasos roman republic l. minucius mark anthony augustus Vespasian Domitian nerva traianio trajan hadrianus hadrian atoninus pius marcus aurelius faustina II lucilla lucius verus commodus gordian III marcus aurelius claudius II gothicus diocletian constantine constantus II Johannes Julian II, Leo I, Marcia, Zeno, Badula, Aetius

Coins from Ancient Athens to the Roman Republic & Marc Anthony

400 BC to 0 AD

This includes a few Greek coins (the beginning of coin usage) as well as Roman Republican era coins.

Coins from Caesar Augustus to Commodus

0 AD to 193 AD

This includes a wide variety of Roman Denari from the 2nd Century, the golden era of Rome.  A time of expansion & prosperity.

Coins from Septimius Severus to Diocletian

193 AD to 305 AD

This includes coins from the turbulent 3rd Century including the emperors who brought the empire back to the prosperity of the 4th Century.

Coins from Constantine the Great to Theodosius I the Great

306 AD to 393 AD

This includes the emperors who began to make Christianity the religion of the Empire & the ones who tried to keep it as old.  The tradition of one Empire was gone, to be replaced now by a permanent two emperor system

(East & West)



Coins from Honorius, Johannes, Bonifacius & beyond

392 AD to 534 AD

The 5th Century, the last Century of the Western Roman Empire saw an empire struggle for survival against an onslaught of barbarians & internal turmoil.  Despite the time, many note worthy people tried to save the Empire.

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