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Roman and Greek Coins Atica Athen tetradrachm, phillip II, corinthia corinth thasos roman republic l. minucius mark anthony augustus Vespasian Domitian nerva traianio trajan hadrianus hadrian atoninus pius marcus aurelius faustina II lucilla lucius verus commodus gordian III marcus aurelius claudius II gothicus diocletian constantine constantus II Johannes

Imperial Rome beginning, Emperor Augutus AR Silver Denarius 27 BC - AD 14. Laureate head right Caius and Lucius Caesars standing beside captured armor. aVF/F.  SR 479/RSC43

Silver denarius of Vespasian, RSC-364. Obverse : Bust of Vespasian right, with "IMP CAES VESPIANVS AVG" around but retrograde.

Reverse : Vespasian seated right, holding a sceptre and branch, with "PON MAX TRP COS V" around (issue of AD 74). A nice portrait of Vespasian. The tops of some letter are off the flan, but no letter is completely off. 19 mm.aVF/VF

This type was issued to celebrate Vespasian's fifth consulship  in AD 74.

Imperial Rome, Domitian 81 - 96 AD. AR Denarius of 91 - 92 AD. Rome. 3.85g. IMP. CAES. DOMIT. AVG. GERM. P.M. TR.P. XI, his laureate head rt.. / IMP. XXI COS. XVI CENS P.P.P., Minerva standing lt., holding a thunderbolt and spear, shield by her side. RIC 158. Pleasant VF with a good portrait of the 12th Caesar.


Nerva Den "Fortuna" Nerva AD 96-98 Silver Denarius "May good luck be with us and grant us success" Obv: IMP NERVA CAES AVG PM TR P COS III PP - Laureate head right Rev: FORTVNA PR - Fortuna seated left, holding corn ears and scepter Rome mint AD 97 = RIC II, 17D, page 224 - Cohen 79

Silver denarius. S-988. Obverse : bust of Trajan right with "IMP CAES NER TRAIANO OPTIMO AVG GERM DAC" around. Reverse : Virtus standing right, holding an up turned spear and parazonium, with "P M TR P COS VI P P S P Q R" around (issue of AD 112 or later). A nice portrait of Trajan and clear image of Virtus. Just the tops of a few letters are off the flan. 17.5 x 18.3mm.VF  

Trajan Den "Victory" 2.5gm. Trajan AD 98-117 Silver Denarius "I shall be victorious" Obv: IMP CAES NERVA TRAIAN AVG GERM - Laureate head right, draped left shoulder Rev: P M TR P COS IIII PP - Victory walking right, holding palm and wreath Rome mint AD 101-102 = RIC II, 61, page 248 - Cohen 244


Silver denarius. RSC-1454. Obverse : bust of Hadrian right with "HADRIANVS AVG COS III P P" around. Reverse : Victory (or possibly Nemisis) walking right holding a branch, with "VICTORIA AVG" around. A very nice portrait, but struck on a small flan and part of both the obverse and reverse inscriptions run off the edge. 16.5 x 18 mm. gVF 


Imperial Rome, Hadrian 117 - 138 AD. AR Denarius. Rome. 3.54g. IMP. CAESAR TRAIAN HADRIANVS AVG, his laureate bust rt., draped on far shoulder. / P.M. TR.P. COS. III, Concordia enthroned lt., holding a patera and resting her arm upon a statuette of Spes. RSC 1149d. VF

Silver denarius. RSC-939.  Obverse : bust of Antoninus Pius right with "ANTONINVS AVG PIVS II" around.  Reverse : Liberalitas standing left, holding a tessara and a cornucopia, with "LIB IIII" in the exergue and "TR POT COS IIII" around (a few letters in the reverse inscription are weak).17 mm. ........ gVF

Liberalitas represents liberality, or generosity, and coins showing Liberalitas usually commemorate special occasions on which the  Emperors gave donatives of money and/or provisions to the army and/or citizens of Rome.  She normally carries a cornucopia (the symbol of wealth or plenty) and a tessara (a counting board on with the money for the donative was counted).

The reverse inscription on this particular coin clearly shows it was issued for Antoninus Pius' forth donative, which he handed out in  AD 145 on the event of his marriage to Faustina Sr.  These is every possibility that this coin was one of those actually handed out at that time.

Imperial Rome, Antoninus Pius 138 - 161 AD. AR Denarius of 151 AD. Rome. 3.06g. ANTONINVS AVG. PIVS P.P. TR.P. XIIII, his laureate head rt. / COS. IIII, Genius standing lt., holding a patera and corn-ears. RIC 196; BMC 717. aEF with a fine image of this peacetime emperor.


Imperial Rome, Antoninus Pius 138 - 161 AD. AR Denarius. Rome. 3.42g. ANTONINVS AVG. PIVS P.P. TR.P., his laureate head rt. / COS. IIII, Clasped hands, holding a caduceus and corn-ears. RIC 136. gVF and well struck in fine silver

Marcus Aurelius Den "Honos"  Antoninus Pius AD 138-161 Silver Denarius "Celebrating my heir's 2nd consulship" Obv: AVRELIVS CAESAR AVG G II F - Bare head right Rev: COS II - Honos standing left, holding branch and cornucopia Rome mint AD 145-147 = RIC 429a - Cohen 105 3.30g.

Imperial Rome, Faustina II, the wife of Marcus Aurelius. Augusta 147 - 175/6 AD. AR Denarius. Rome. 3.11g. FAVSTINA AVG. PII AVG. FIL., her draped bust rt. / CONCORDIA, Concordia seated lt., holding a patera and resting her arm on a cornucopiae which serves as the arm of her chair. RIC A502a. Nice VF with a very pretty image of this popular empress.


Imperial Rome, Marcus Aurelius 161 - 180 AD. AR Denarius of 164 - 165 AD. Rome. 3.48g. ANTONINVS AVG. ARMENIACVS, his laureate head rt. / P.M. TR.P. XVIIII IMP. II COS. III, Armenia seated lt., in mournful attitude; before her, vexillum and shield; lt. hand rests on a bow, ARMEN in ex. RIC 122. Choice VF and struck in excellent metal. An important historical type recording the expulsion of the Parthians from Armenia and restoration of the Kingdom in 163 AD.


Lucilla Den "Pudicitia" Lucilla (Commodus' sister, married to Verus) AD 165-169 Silver Denarius "My love for my husband, Lucius Verus, is without measure for all eternity." Obv: LVCILLA AVGVSTA - Bare head right, draped Rev: PVDICITIA - Pudicitia standing left, veiled and holding hand on breast. Rome mint: AD 165-169 = RIC III, 780, page 276 - Cohen 60, 3.04 g


AAH* Lucius Verus Den "Captive" Marcus Aurelius AD 139-180 Silver Denarius "Verus' fifth year" Obv: L VERVS AVG ARM PARTH MAX - Laureate head right Rev: TR P V IMP III COS II - Captive bound and facing the right Rome mint: Dec AD 165 to Summer AD 166 = RIC III, 548, page 258 - Cohen 286 3.52 g.

Lucius was Caesar under Marcus Aurelius and would have inherited the throne had he not died suddenly prior to the death of Aurelius.  In the end Commodus inherited the throne, ending a golden Roman Era.

Commodus Den "Libertas"2.9gm. Commodus AD 177-192 Silver Denarius "Live free, like a Roman citizen." Obv: M COMM ANT P FEL AVG BRIT PP - Laureate head right Rev: LIB AVG P M TR P XV COS VI - Libertas standing left, holding pileus and rod Rome mint AD 190 = RIC III, 208D, page 389 - Cohen 282

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