Resources and Links

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                                            Ancient Coin identification website/resource

                                    Roman Military Site - including pictures - Italy                            

                                    Coin and Antiquity Dealer in the UK with Discussion Forums

                                    Roman army talk from re-enactment to history and archeology

                                    Roman Archeology Blog

                                    Roman Numismatic Gallery/ Military Museum

                                    History Discussion Board

                                    Roman Military Study Aid

                                    Huge Roman Resource page online

                                    Online resource of Roman Armor

                                    Sword Forum, including Antiquity

                                    Ancient Coin Forum 

                                    Late Roman Military buckles

                                    Romanian website dealing in part with its Roman history. (Alexis Phoenix)

                                    Archaeology Resource Website (Dons Maps)



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**Note on the background. A fantastic view of the Arch of Constantine as viewed from an archway on the second level of the Coliseum in Rome, Italy. July 2005