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Roman military accessories gold fibula bronze fibula inscription tinned balteus cingulum iron fire starter entrenchment tool bronze ring lead seal legionary Cavalry decorations saddle appliques

Roman Military and/or Religious Standard with Soldier Inscription.

4th Century "Utere Felix" inscribed early cross bow fibula

4th Century Roman Legionary Belt set. With dragon head buckle and chip carved design.

Military bronze Patera, with fragments of dish, 3rd-4th Century

4th Century Complete Enameled Seal Box

4th Century Late Roman Iron and Lead Plumbata or throwing dart.

3rd Century Ring Belt Buckle with Dragon heads

2nd Century tinned Cingulum or Legionary Belt Buckle

4th Century Gold plated Fibula, with original bronze pin

2nd Century Fibula (with LEGIO inscription)

3rd Century Silver Fibula with open mouthed Dragon head

4th-5th Century belt buckle with propeller stiffener

Silvered Dolphin Attachment

4th Century Baldric belt tip

Iron Firestarter in shape of Galley (oars on sides)

Roman Legionary Lead Seal

Lead Sling bullet, with visible inscription

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**Note on background. A Fresco from the ancient Roman City of Pompeii. The interior & exterior walls of a wealthy Roman's Estate 79AD. Picture taken July 2005.