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Roman and Greek Coins Atica Athen tetradrachm, phillip II, corinthia corinth thasos roman republic l. minucius mark anthony augustus Vespasian Domitian nerva traianio trajan hadrianus hadrian atoninus pius marcus aurelius faustina II lucilla lucius verus commodus gordian III marcus aurelius claudius II gothicus diocletian constantine constantus II Johannes

Atica Athens, After 393 B.C Silver Tetradrachm(17.19g). Helmeted Head of Athena Rt. Owl standing Rt. Head facing, Olive spray and crecent moon behind. AOE to Rt.

The Kingdom of Macedon, Philip II 359 - 336 BC. AE-17. Pella Mint. 6.21g. Head of Apollo rt., wearing a fillet. / Youth prancing rt. on horseback, monograms behind and below. Nice VF with a beautiful contrast patina. Philip II was the father of Alexander the Great. SNG(p614)

Corinthia, Corinth. 345 - 307 BC. AR Stater. 8.39g. Pegasos flying lt., koppa beneath. / Crested head of Athena lt., Thessalian helmet behind. Ravel 1040. VF with a choice old cabinet tone. Some very minor scattered porosity. From an old collection, c.1900.

Thracian Kings, Lysimachos (Alexander General)


 AE 20mm. Struck circa 306-281 BC. Helmeted head of Athena right / BASILEWS LUSIMACOU above & below lion charging right; spearhead below. SNGCop 1149.


Possibly a contempory imitation due to the less detailed helmet crest.





Silver Thasos Greek. After 148 B.C Tetradrachm of Herakles naked facing left standing leaning on club, holding lion skin, monogram before Reverse: Portrait of Dionysos facing right with flowered crown. 33mm, nEF. Sear # SG1759

204.L MINUCIUS, ca. 133 BC. Silver denarius. RSC-Minucius-15. Obverse : Helmeted head of Roma right, with a small crossed X to the left. Reverse : Jupiter driving a galloping quadriga right, with "ROMA" below, and "L MINVCIV" in the exurgue (the last two letters are off the flan). Jupiters head is about 1/2 off the flan. 19 mm. VF 

Imperatorial Rome, Marc Antony Died 31 BC. AR Denarius of c.42 BC. Greek Mint. 2.79g. M. ANTONI. IMP., his bare head rt. / III VIR. R.P.C., facing head of SOl in a temple of two columns. Syd. 1168. Fine. Nice type for Antony.

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