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Roman and Greek Coins Atica Athen tetradrachm, phillip II, corinthia corinth thasos roman republic l. minucius mark anthony augustus Vespasian Domitian nerva traianio trajan hadrianus hadrian atoninus pius marcus aurelius faustina II lucilla lucius verus commodus gordian III marcus aurelius claudius II gothicus diocletian constantine constantus II Johannes

Septimius Severus 197-211 AD

AR Denarius.

OBVS:  L SEPT SEV PERT AVG IMP X, laureate head right

REV: PACI AETERNAE, Pax seated left, holding branch and scepter

RIC 118


Gordian III

Ant "Fortuna" SHARP STRIKE 4.1gm. 238-244 AD

Obv: IMP GORDIANVS PIVS FEL AVG - Radiate bust right, cuirassed

Rev: FORTVNA REDVX - Fortuna seated left, holding cornucopia and rudder.

Antioch mint AD 243 = RIC IViii, 210, page 37 -Cohen 98


Antoninian. 253-268 AD
Obverse: Portrait of Emperor Gallienus looking right. GALLIENVS P F AVG. (strong deep dye portrait)

Reverse: Two captives seated back to back, between captured armor. GERMANICVS MAX V. (weak reverse strike)
Göbl/MIR 872. 2.6 g 21mm


Marcus Aurelius Claudius II Gothicus. 268 - 270 AD

20 mm., Antoninianus

Obverse: IMP CLAVDIVS PF AVG , radiate bust facing right 

Reverse: VICTORIAE GOTHIC , two captives between trophy. Well centered and strong die. 22mm  EF mint condition Reference # RIC V 252 v.  


Marcus Aurelius Claudius Gothicus   268-270 AD

AE Antoninianus "The genius of the Roman army [versus the Goths]."

Obv: IMP C CLAVDIVS AVG - Radiate bust right, draped.

Rev: GENIVS EXERCI - Genius standing left, by altar, holding patera and cornucopia. Rome mint: AD 268-270 = RIC Vi, 48A, page 215 - Cohen 114 /2.21 g.


Aurelian AE Ant "Restores World" Aurelian AD 270-275 AE Antoninianus

"Aurelian has restored the Roman world."

Obverse: IMP C AVRELIANVS AVG - Radiate bust right, cuirassed

Reverse: RESTITVT OR-BIS - Woman presents wreath to Aurelian on right holding spear. Exe: (star) | KAA Serdica mint: AD 274-275 = RIC Vi, 288, page 297 - Cohen 194 / 2.95 g.

Mint State near un-circulated condition


Probus AE Antoninianus. Rome Mint.

Obverse: IMP C M AVR PROBVS AVG, Radiate and cuirassed bust.

Reverse: PROVIDENTIA AVG, Providentia standing left, holding baton and cornucopiae; at foot, globe; XXIA in exe.

Emission 1 Officina 1. Minted in 276 A.D.
References RIC 726 Bust Type F
Weight 2.49 gms. Size 21.04mm
Attributed to 3rd emission of Siscia in RIC, has been re-attributed to 1st
emission of Rome by Pink.

Mint State near un-circulated condition


Probus AE Ant "Roman Temple" Probus 276-282 AD

AE Antoninianus "Rome, the eternal state."

Obv: IMP PROBVS AVG - Radiate bust right, cuirassed.

Rev: ROMAE AETER - Hexastyle temple with Roma seated in the center. Exe: R (wreath) (gamma)

 Rome mint: AD 280 = RIC Vii, 185


Imperial Rome, Diocletian 284 - 305 AD. AE-Follis of c.294 AD. Siscia Mint. 11.05g.

Obverse: IMP. C. DIOCLETIANVS P.F. AVG., his laureate head rt.

Reverse: GENIO POPVLI ROMANI, Genius standing lt., holding a patera and a cornucopiae, S-A in fields.

 RIC 79a. aEF with a nice portrait and much remaining silvering.


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