Lead Seal with letters

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Roman lead stamp with letters


Date Acquired  2004
Location Discovered Britian
Material  Lead
Dimensions 2.8cm long x 1.7cm wide
Roman Empire 1st- 3rd Century AD

Lead Pottery Stamp with three letters on it.  Most likely VAE, unknown what it stands for.  The stamp was used in conjunction with other lead square or rectangular section which would then be put together in a slot in what ever arrangement was required (to form a sentence of text).  This essentially was an early form of a printing press with individual letters.  The item being stamped (such as pottery) would then be pushed onto the stamp.

Other similar lead pieces have been found in Eastern Europe Roman sites.  The following is an example found at OSROVU MARE, which is an island in the Danube, Romania.  A Roman fortification existed on this Island and Dr. Adrian Gheorghe works tirelessly to excavate that area.

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An ancient thick tan colored patina covers the entire piece, while there is some slight damage to the edges.

**Identified in December of 2007 by Dr. Gheorghe**

Example located by Dr. Gheorghe.

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**Note on background. A Fresco from the ancient Roman City of Pompeii. The interior walls of a wealthy Roman's Estate 79AD. Picture taken July 2005.