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These items have since been sold and are no longer in this collection.  They will however remain documented on this website in order that others can, as before, read and learn about these great pieces of History.  The remaining collection will focus more on the later Roman period.

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4th Century belt, military standard, gold and silvetr fibula, gladius, gladius locket/plate, scale mail armor, eagle armor fragment, dolarba sheath

Roman military accessories gold fibula bronze fibula inscription tinned balteus cingulum iron fire starter entrenchment tool bronze ring lead seal legionary Cavalry decorations saddle appliques



Large Set of Roman Cavalry decorations & Appliques

Bronze 1st Century Shield Boss fragment (with decoration)




Roman bronze Votive Plaque (with inscription)

Legionary Entrenching tool

2nd Century tinned  Cingulum belt attachment/ applique



Late 2nd Century Lorica Segmentata Armor buckle (missing rear rivets)

Square headed armor piercing arrow or Pilum tip

Bronze 4th Century Fibula (no pin)

Late 2nd or 3rd Century Bronze Belt Applique

Lead "Curse Tablet" or offering scroll

Lead Pottery Stamp (with VAE lettering)

Roman Military Diploma

Roman Military Diploma

Roman Military Diploma


Lock Mechanism Set, including Key, lock piece, back and front plates.

Two bronze chains, square linked with end loops

Fragment of Celtic Fibula (Iron and Electrum)

Roman Military Diploma

Lorica Segmentata Buckle fragment


3rd or 4th Century bronze Baldric belt fitting

2nd Century Cingulum belt attachment/ applique

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**Note on background. A Fresco from the ancient Roman City of Pompeii. The interior & exterior walls of a wealthy Roman's Estate 79AD. Picture taken July 2005